Nov 5th-8th 2015

Climate Change demands urgent, decisive action.

That’s why from November 4th-8th, hundreds of people from across Canada took bold action by staging sit-ins outside Prime Minister Trudeau’s residence.  Everyday, gifts were delivered to the Prime Minister to demand that he take real action on climate change — which means freezing the expansion of the tar sands. Every night, this action was covered in the news and journalists started confronting the new government’s with tough questions about real climate action.

Just weeks before the most important round of climate negotiations in a generation, Prime Minister Trudeau was not able to commit to a plan in line with the science of climate change — that means we’ll just have to push him harder.


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Canada’s climate movement welcomed a new PM and a new era of organizing

This piece was originally published by Waging Nonviolence — which can be accessed here.  It was going to be “shrill,” “tone deaf” and “too soon” — or at least that’s what my email inbox was saying the week before kicking off four days of sit-ins called Climate Welcome at the residence of Canada’s new prime (More...)

Climate Welcome — Day 4 in Review

On Sunday November 8th, Day 4 of Climate Welcome, we gathered at Rideau Falls Park once again. On this day, we went in knowing we weren’t risking arrest but we we were determined, nonetheless, to deliver a strong message in support of climate justice right to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s doorstep. On this day, with (More...)

Day 3 of Climate Welcome in Review

On Day 3 of Climate Welcome, we doubled our numbers once again with over 120 people risking arrest outside the Prime Minister’s residence. These folks had come in from all over the country: from Vancouver to Calgary, Winnipeg, Quebec City, and Halifax. On this day, the focus was on Indigenous and grassroots struggles against pipelines and (More...)

Ellen Gabriel — ‘Vigilance is needed for Change to Materialize: Helping Prime Minister Trudeau prioritize’

This message of solidarity was written by  Ellen Gabriel, known as the Katsi’tsakwas  from the Kanehsatà:ke Nation.  She is a prominent Indigenous human rights activist and leader in the fight against the Energy East Pipeline. Currently there are some dedicated grass root initiatives being conducted in Ottawa to send a clear message to Canada’s newly elected (More...)

Climate Welcome — Day 2 in Review

When we gathered once again at Rideau Falls Park this morning, we were met with cloudy skies, a soft drizzle and a bit of an aggressive wind — but the crowd of bold, courageous demonstrators wasn’t deterred. Right as we began the march to the Prime Minister’s Residence that morning, we received the phenomenal news (More...)

Climate Welcome — Day 1 in Review

It’s pretty much impossible to deny the reality of climate change when you’re outdoors without so much as a sweater at the beginning of November in Canada — which was the case for the majority of the participants taking part in the first day of Climate Welcome. It was certainly a beautiful day for a (More...)

What to expect when you’re getting arrested

Patricia Warwick is certainly a committed member of the climate justice community. Last year, she participated in the People’s Climate March in spite of a broken arm, in 2010, she braved a long bus ride to Cancun, Mexico, for COP 16, and in 2011, she risked arrest twice to demand action on the tar sands. (More...)

Dear Justin Trudeau, it’s time for bold action on climate change

The following is an open letter to Justin Trudeau from 16 young people that voted for him in the election and are attending the Climate Welcome action. This letter was originally published by Ricochet. Dear Mr. Trudeau, We, the undersigned, are among the millions of Canadians who voted for you, and for your local Liberal (More...)