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Solidarity Statement from Bill McKibben

Friends, Just over four years ago, we were getting ready for the Washington protests that helped accelerate the Keystone pipeline fight. A week out I was nervous but excited — I knew that our movement was ready to take a new step. And that’s how it turned out: enough people showed up outside the White (More...)

Solidarity statement from Bill Darnell — one of the founders of Greenpeace

The following is a solidarity statement sent to the Climate Welcome organizers by Bill Darnell, one of the founders of Greenpeace. I believe we are in an important historical moment.  These moments are not always easy to recognize as they occur.  I think the world is ready to act to protect the climate.  This is (More...)

An Update to the Plan

Updated Nov 3rd Over the past two weeks we’ve been talking to each other, to many of you, and listening to a lot of questions about what we’re going to do now that Prime Minister Trudeau isn’t moving into 24 Sussex. We appreciate all of the feedback we received, and we think we came up (More...)

Manitobans Ready to Give Prime Minister Trudeau a Climate Welcome

The Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition (MEJC) is a grassroots organization that has kept itself very busy. With a core membership of six people, this group  has been actively organizing against the Energy East pipeline in Winnipeg and in St. Norbert, a small town just outside of Winnipeg, that falls along the route of the pipeline. (More...)

An Invitation to Make History

Update – this letters signatories has been updated with more names of movement leaders supporting and joining the Climate Welcome.  Dear friends, On Monday,  Justin Trudeau was elected as the next Prime Minister of Canada. During his victory speech, he stressed that the key to his victory was listening to people across Canada throughout the campaign. (More...)

Holding the New Prime Minister to His Words

This was originally published on the Huffington Post — click here to read it.  With the 42nd federal election in the books here in Canada, now the clock starts ticking down the 42 days until the Paris climate talks begin. The good news is that Stephen Harper is no longer the Prime Minister of Canada. (More...)

Sending a message to 24 Sussex Drive

This article was written by Tyler Clark and it was originally posted by the Prince Albert Herald — click here to see the original piece.  Local environmental activists are sending a message to Justin Trudeau. In a symbolic gesture, local environmental activists are mailing a bottle of North Saskatchewan River water to incoming Prime Minister (More...)

From the Campaign Trail to 24 Sussex Drive

Something spectacular happened through this 42nd election season. As the major party leaders travelled across the country, trying to convince people across Canada that they were best-suited to lead the country, the climate movement invited itself to their campaign trails, consistently and powerfully. Just a couple of weeks into the election period, it became very (More...)

A welcome party isn’t complete without gifts.

From November 5th – 8th, we’ll be creating a kind of ‘Welcoming Committee’ outside the Prime Minister’s residence to welcome the new leader to office and remind him that the people expect leadership on climate change. It’ll be a welcoming party of sorts — which means there will most certainly be some memorable gifts. On (More...)

5 Reasons People Across Canada are Risking Arrest This November

Early last week we launched a plan to hold four days of sit-ins to welcome the next Prime Minister with a demand to freeze tar sands expansion and commit to a rapid, justice based transition to clean energy. The response was overwhelming. Since we hit send on that first email, hundreds of people have told (More...)